K. Bennis

I found working with Siobhán pleasant and productive. I had had inflammation in most of my joints for the best part of two years. We managed to sort this out quite quickly with herbs and diet. On request, Siobhán also gave me a cooking lesson which helped me incorporate her dietary recommendations. My condition has not gone away but it’s very improved and my diet in general is greatly improved.

J. Geddes

Siobhán has a fantastic way of imparting her knowledge and making you feel you can apply it to your everyday life to improve your well being.

M. Wright

Siobhán is an excellent tutor and it’s amazing what we are learning in 2 hours.

E. Morris

I really enjoyed the herb walk, it was amazing to see how much there is on our doorstep. Siobhán was great at giving really practical information about where to look for the plants and how they can help us, it really opened my eyes

B Molina

Siobhán helped with a problem I had for many years. The advice she gave me in the first meeting truly helped me and i didn’t know why this basic information was not given to me by doctors I saw before. The changes I made and the medicines have improved how I feel 100%!

R Stallard

Dear Siobhán, thank you for all the advice and remedies these last few months, I’ve gone from a “work in progress” to really feeling like my old self again, thank you so much.

S Hammond

In all my meetings with Siobhán, I have found her to be professional, friendly and kind. I have consulted with her and been prescribed medicines more than once (for different conditions) and each time she was able to give me a prescription that greatly minimised my symptoms and also helped with other aspects of my well being that I had not realised were connected. I would definitely recommend Siobhán’s practice to anyone.

Y Tekin

Thank you Siobhán for all your help. I really feel so much better and I am only half way through the medicine! I look forward to seeing you soon.

E. Ware

Taking the herbal medicine that Siobhán prescribed for me made such a difference to my overall quality of life. I have more energy and feel a lot better about life. It made such a change to be listened to and to feel heard. Siobhán is very informative and makes very clear suggestions.

C. Hollingsworth

In my first meeting with Siobhán I valued her approachability and non-judgemental attention. With her encouragement & the herbal support she provided I have made changes to my lifestyle. The herbs don’t always taste great but they are definitely effective! Siobhán is the person I see when I have any concerns about my health.